Charting Disruption: Q2 2020

Click here to download Charting Disruption: Q2 2020

We are pleased to present the inaugural edition of our quarterly thematic flipbook: Charting Disruption. Moving forward, at the beginning of each quarter, we will publish a series of slides that touch on trends that we see as relevant to the themes covered by our Thematic Growth ETF suite. Each slide touches on a single theme, containing charts, tables and other graphics that illustrate pertinent trends. At the top of each slide, we explain what the trends mean broadly, as well as our own take on them.

This quarter’s edition covers:

  • Cloud Computing: Surge In ‘Work From Home’ Supported by Cloud Infrastructure
  • Cybersecurity: New Cyber Threats Target New Work Setups
  • Video Games and Esports: Filling The Void
  • Video Games and Esports: The Next Console Super Cycle
  • E-commerce: Still Open for Business
  • Social Media: Monetizing Time Spent on Networks
  • Cannabis: An Essential Business
  • U.S. Infrastructure Development: Recession May Push Government To Fund Construction Bill
  • Fintech: Emerging Markets Lead, Will U.S. Millennials Follow?
  • Robotics & AI: Automation May Benefit From Reshoring Efforts


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