Charting Disruption: Q3 2020

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We are pleased to present the newest edition of our quarterly thematic flipbook: Charting Disruption. Each quarter, we publish a series of slides that touch on trends that we see as relevant to the themes covered by our Thematic Growth ETF suite. Each slide touches on a single theme, containing charts, tables and other graphics. At the top of each slide, we explain what the trends mean broadly, as well as our own take on them.

This quarter’s edition covers:

  • E-Commerce: Rethinking Retail in the Reopening Economy
  • Cloud Computing: The Engine Behind Work-From-Home & Remote Work
  • Internet of Things: Connected Tech Can Help Reopening Efforts
  • Education: An Industry Ripe for Tech Transformation
  • Telemedicine & Digital Health: COVID-19 Set Disruption In Motion
  • Video Games & Esports: Gaming Sales Soar
  • Video Games & Esports: Audiences Remain Above Pre-Pandemic Levels
  • Cybersecurity: Securing Technology Critical to Reopening
  • Genomics: Genome Sequencing Key to Surveillance, Diagnostics
  • Genomics: Developing Potential Treatments & Vaccines for COVID-19
  • Millennials: Pandemic Accelerated or Reversed Certain Behaviors
  • Electric Vehicles & Lithium Battery Tech: Current Resilience & Future Demands
  • FinTech: Contactless Payment Volumes Rise as Adoption Increases
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence: Enhancing Business Continuity & Enabling Supply Chain Reshoring


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