Charting Disruption: Q4 2020

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We are pleased to present the newest edition of our quarterly thematic flipbook: Charting Disruption. Each quarter, we publish a series of slides that explore trends that we see as relevant to the themes our Thematic Growth ETF suite invests in. Each slide contains charts, tables, and/or other graphics, also including our take on each theme.

What’s in this edition?

COVID-19 induced disruption continued through Q4 2020 as the world grappled with surges in infections and faced obstacles to reopening. In this edition of Charting Disruption, we explore how the below themes evolved and what we should expect from them in 2021.

  • CleanTech: A Necessity-Driven Market
  • Genomics: Success in Pandemic Proving Ground
  • FinTech: Payment Adoption a Global Trend
  • EVs, Lithium, & Battery Technology: Hitting The Accelerator
  • Cannabis: Gaining Greater Acceptance in U.S.
  • Telemedicine & Digital Health: Health Care Finally Embracing Digital Tech
  • Cloud Computing: Work-From-Home is Here to Stay
  • Data Centers & Digital Infrastructure: The Hardware Behind Digitalization
  • Robotics: Automation & Reshoring Point to Adoption
  • Social Media: New Monetization Strategies Fuel Recovery
  • Video Games & Esports: A New High Score
  • Education: Lessons Learned
  • U.S. Infrastructure Development: Major Legislation in 2021?


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