AgTech & Food Innovation ETF

Reasons to Consider KROP

High Growth Potential

The global AgTech market was valued at nearly $16bn in 2022. Forecasts suggest it could surpass $35bn by 2030, highlighting the substantial room for growth.1

Global Tailwinds

The AgTech and Food Innovation theme could potentially benefit from helping address global food insecurity and minimizing the adverse environmental impacts of large-scale agriculture.

Unconstrained Approach

Production and consumption dynamics around food are evolving. KROP seeks to gain exposure to the forefront of these dynamics by investing in AgTech and Food Innovation companies, regardless of sector or geography.

1Grand View Research, Apr 2022

Key Information As of 12/05/23

Inception Date 07/12/21
Total Expense Ratio 0.50%
Net Assets $4.47 million
NAV $10.16
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ETF Summary

The Global X AgTech & Food Innovation ETF (KROP) seeks to invest in companies advancing innovation and the use of technology in the agriculture and food industries. This includes companies involved in the provision of agricultural technologies (“AgTech”) related to precision agriculture, agricultural robots and automation, controlled environment agriculture (e.g., vertical farming, hydroponics), and agricultural biotechnology, as well as those involved in food innovation activities related to protein/dairy alternatives and food waste reduction.

ETF Objective

The Global X AgTech & Food Innovation ETF (KROP) seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Solactive AgTech & Food Innovation Index.

Trading Details As of 12/04/23

Ticker KROP
Bloomberg Index Ticker SOLKROP
CUSIP 37954Y178
ISIN US37954Y1780
Primary Exchange Nasdaq
Shares Outstanding 440,000
Number of Holdings 30
30-Day Median Bid-Ask Spread 1.22%

Distributions As of 12/05/23

30-Day SEC Yield 1.66%
Distribution Frequency Semi-Annually

ETF Prices As of 12/05/23

NAV $10.16 Daily Change -$0.11 -1.07%
Market Price $10.16 Daily Change -$0.11 -1.07%

Performance History

As of recent
As of recent
Fund NAV Market Price Index
1 Year -23.43% -23.61% -23.19%
Since Inception -31.22% -31.00% -30.98%
1 Year -34.41% -34.56% -34.22%
Since Inception -31.26% -31.23% -31.01%
Year-to-Date -23.61% -23.20% -23.46%
1 Month -5.00% -5.62% -4.91%
3 Months -12.51% -11.86% -12.37%
Since Inception -56.42% -56.10% -56.08%
Year-to-Date -28.33% -28.41% -28.15%
1 Month 2.42% 2.31% 2.45%
3 Months -10.87% -12.01% -10.74%
Since Inception -59.11% -59.08% -58.77%

Performance is shown on a total return basis (i.e., with gross income reinvested, where applicable). Cumulative return is the aggregate amount that an investment has gained or lost over time. Annualized return is the average return gained or lost by an investment each year over a given time period.

The performance data quoted represents past performance. Past performance does not guarantee future results. The investment return and principal value of an investment will fluctuate so that an investor's shares, when sold or redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost and current performance may be lower or higher than the performance quoted. High short-term performance, when observed, is unusual and investors should not expect such performance to be repeated.

Top Holdings As of 12/05/23

Net Assets (%) Ticker Name SEDOL Market Price ($) Shares Held Market Value ($)
12.24 6326 JP KUBOTA CORP 6497509 14.15 38,700 547,595.59
11.53 DE DEERE & CO 2261203 361.14 1,428 515,707.92
11.29 CTVA CORTEVA INC BK73B42 43.89 11,506 504,998.34
11.28 NTR NUTRIEN LTD BDH3SB9 53.36 9,450 504,252.00
4.93 CNHI CNH INDUSTRIAL NV BDX85Z1 10.96 20,127 220,591.92
4.54 FMC FMC CORP 2328603 53.78 3,774 202,965.72
4.45 AGCO AGCO CORP 2010278 114.64 1,737 199,129.68
4.24 000998 C2 YUAN LONGPING-A BD5CK34 2.13 89,200 189,685.21
4.05 603156 C1 HEBEI YANGYUAN-A BHWLWH0 3.03 59,900 181,323.80
4.05 000848 C2 CHENG DE LOLO CO LTD-A BD5C9D7 1.13 160,480 181,051.03
4.04 ULVR LN UNILEVER PLC B10RZP7 47.95 3,771 180,830.69
4.04 ADM ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND CO 2047317 74.14 2,434 180,456.76
3.20 NUF AU NUFARM LTD 6335331 3.05 46,912 143,154.86
2.71 K KELLANOVA 2486813 53.35 2,271 121,157.85
1.96 BYND BEYOND MEAT INC BJ1FDK7 8.85 9,894 87,561.90
1.81 TITN TITAN MACHINERY INC B29H3T5 24.95 3,242 80,887.90
1.71 STKL SUNOPTA INC 2836634 5.12 14,976 76,677.12
1.66 OTLY OATLY GROUP AB BNNTQY0 1.21 61,375 74,263.75
1.15 INGR INGREDION INC B7K24P7 105.43 487 51,344.41
0.98 BIOX BIOCERES CROP SO BJT1RX8 12.41 3,541 43,943.81
0.82 SFM SPROUTS FARMERS BCGCR79 45.30 812 36,783.60
0.63 ICL IT ICL GROUP LTD 6455530 5.04 5,546 27,974.05
0.50 GRWG GROWGENERATION CORP BZ159N4 2.75 8,188 22,517.00
0.42 OTHER PAYABLE & RECEIVABLES 1.00 18,921 18,920.88
0.41 SMG SCOTTS MIRACLE-GRO CO 2781518 59.85 305 18,254.25
0.33 BHIL BENSON HILL INC BN305Y6 0.26 58,192 14,850.60
0.33 HYFM HYDROFARM HOLDIN BKWFTW7 0.96 15,263 14,698.27
0.31 MONDE PM MONDE NISSIN CORP BMDTTT9 0.15 92,905 13,939.74
0.31 605337 C1 ZHE JIANG LI Z-A BP91NH6 2.22 6,200 13,790.38
0.30 HAIN HAIN CELESTIAL GROUP INC 2492337 10.75 1,250 13,437.50
0.28 MFI CN MAPLE LEAF FOODS INC 2555865 17.91 706 12,645.16
0.00 ISRAELI SHEKEL 0.27 145 39.08
-0.51 CASH 1.00 -22,942 -22,941.90
Holdings are subject to change. "Cash" denotes U.S. dollars.

Exposure As of 11/30/23

Sector Weight (%)
Industrials 35.2
Materials 33.0
Consumer Staples 31.3
Consumer Discretionary 0.5

Source: new windowAltaVista Research, LLC

Industry Weight (%)
Trucks/Construction/Farm Machinery 36.4
Chemicals: Agricultural 36.0
Agricultural Commodities/Milling 10.8
Food: Major Diversified 6.2
Household/Personal Care 4.4
Wholesale Distributors 2.6
Food: Specialty/Candy 2.2
Food Retail 1.2
Food: Meat/Fish/Dairy 0.3

Source: new windowAltaVista Research, LLC

Country Weight (%)
United States 48.0
China 12.8
Japan 12.1
Canada 12.1
Britain 8.9
Australia 3.2
Sweden 1.1
Argentina 0.9
Israel 0.6
Philippines 0.3

Source: new windowAltaVista Research, LLC

All Sector, Industry and Geographic breakdowns, where provided, are based on equity positions held by the ETF and exclude cash, currencies, and other holdings.

ETF Characteristics As of 12/04/23

Return on Equity 12.70%
Weighted Avg. Market Cap 32,223 M
2022 2023
Price-to-earnings 249.00 27.11
Price-to-book value 5.02 2.62

Source: new windowAltaVista Research, LLC

ETF Risk Stats As of 11/30/23

Versus Beta
S&P 500 1.01
NASDAQ-100 0.65
MSCI Emg. Mkts 0.82
Standard Deviation 26.70%

Source: new windowAltaVista Research, LLC

ETF Research

Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. The investable universe of companies in which KROP may invest may be limited. Narrowly focused investments will be more susceptible to factors affecting that sector and subject to more volatility. International investments may involve risk of capital loss from unfavorable fluctuation in currency values, from differences in generally accepted accounting principles or from social, economic or political instability in other nations. Emerging markets involve heightened risks related to the same factors as well as increased volatility and lower trading volume. KROP is non-diversified.

Shares of ETFs are bought and sold at market price (not NAV) and are not individually redeemed from the Fund. Brokerage commissions will reduce returns. The market price returns are based on the official closing price of an ETF share or, if the official closing price isn’t available, the midpoint between the national best bid and national best offer (“NBBO”) as of the time the ETF calculates current NAV per share, and do not represent the returns you would receive if you traded shares at other times. NAVs are calculated using prices as of 4:00 PM Eastern Time. Indices are unmanaged and do not include the effect of fees, expenses or sales charges. One cannot invest directly in an index.

Since the Fund’s shares did not trade in the secondary market until several days after the Fund’s inception, for the period from inception to the first day of secondary market trading in Shares, the NAV of the Fund is used to calculate market returns.

Carefully consider the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses before investing. This and other information can be found in the Fund’s summary or full prospectuses. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

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