Introducing ETF Model Portfolio Content for Advisors

Jan 30, 2020

Global X’s advisor resources offer a new kind of access to our ETF model portfolio expertise. We’ve developed a neatly packaged content hub where subscribers can track our portfolios quickly and efficiently. Access includes a suite of resources that articulate how we design our model portfolios for growth and income as well as across five risk profiles. Through the process, we explain our outlook on the increasingly innovative financial markets that advisors must navigate.
Growing Prominence of ETF Model Portfolios

Our mission at Global X is to serve clients with unexplored and intelligent solutions, and our model portfolios are an extension of that passion. ETF model portfolios will continue to influence the investment landscape, both as a change agent and as a response to shifting investor behaviors and shifting demographics. Growing interest in thematic investing, including what we refer to as sector disruptors, is one such behavior.

Efficient exposure to investment vehicles able to capture new market dynamics and shifting paradigms make ETF model portfolios a compelling destination for capital. Our processed approach to portfolio construction is a hallmark of ETF model portfolios. That approach offers a structured investment process, which is ideal for advisors looking to scale their business.

What Resources Can Advisors Expect?

Our goal is to help advisors streamline their information gathering and to offer ETF model portfolios with unique exposures. Our advisor portal includes factsheets, allocation updates, monthly and quarterly performance reports, and dedicated portfolio resources for our portfolios. That portfolio catalogue currently includes five Core Series Portfolios, from Conservative to Aggressive, as well as four Equity Completion Portfolios:
– Equity Thematic Disruptors
– Equity Sector and Themes
– Equity Income
– China Sector
Additional tools available include Global X research and market commentaries.

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