Mapping Millennial Spending

Millennials, defined as those born roughly between 1980-2000, are about to see the oldest of this age group turn 40, with the youngest closing in on 20 years old. Over the past few years, the Millennial generation has matured from primarily a cohort of cash-strapped students to one that makes up majority of the US workforce and is a powerful consumer group. And like a glacier carving out the side of a mountain, the 90 million-person strong generation is slowly, but surely making an indelible mark on the world’s largest economy.

In the infographic below, we look a Millennial’s daily routine based on the latest facts and figures, showing the unique preferences and habits of this influential generation.

Mapping Millennial Spending

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MILN: The Global X Millennials Thematic ETF seeks to invest in companies that have a high likelihood of benefiting from the rising spending power and unique preferences of the U.S. Millennial generation (birth years ranging from 1980-2000). These companies come from a broad range of categories, including: social media and entertainment, food and dining, clothing and apparel, health and fitness, travel and mobility, education and employment, housing and home goods, and financial services.

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