Why 2016 Could be the Year of Multi-Factor ETFs

Global X is featured in Investment News with an op-ed on why we think 2016 could be the year that multi-factor ETFs take off. Various valuation and economic models anticipate a low growth environment in the near future. We believe this environment makes low cost multi-factor strategies that can potentially deliver outperformance versus a cap weighted benchmark very attractive to investors. Not all multi-factor strategies are the same, however, and investors need to dig into the details to understand the differences.

Key questions to consider include:

  1. Which factors does the strategy target and how does it define each factor?
  2. How does the strategy combine its multiple factor exposures?
  3. How transparent is the strategy?
  4. Is the strategy sufficiently diversified?

Explore this link to read the Op-ed in Investment News

Multi Factor image 1