12 Predictions for Millennials in 2017

In 2017 the average age for a Millennial will reach 27 years old as members of the country’s largest generation continue their transition to early adulthood.1 Increasingly, Millennials are earning more in their careers, becoming avid consumers, and even starting families.

To shed more light on this transition, we compiled survey results, data, and growth expectations, to establish 12 important predictions for Millennials in 2017:

  1. Millennials will make up 33% of homebuyers in 2017, buying approximately 1.9 million homes2
  2. Millennials will give birth to 3.2 million children, making up over 80% of child births3
  3. Millennials will buy 5.3 million new cars representing 28% of the new car market4

  4. Millennials will receive 1 million associate’s degrees, 1.9 million bachelor’s degrees, 800,000 master’s degrees; and 180,000 doctor’s degrees5
  5. The college class of 2017 will graduate with an average of over $39,000 in student debt6

  6. There will be 55 million Millennials in the workforce, and approximately 33 million of them will consider looking for a new job7
  7. The median full-time working Millennial salary will be approximately $39,400, increasing by about $800 over 2016’s wages8
  8. Millennials will eat out 177 times, compared to 146 times for non-Millennials9
  9. Over 54% of Millennial shopping will occur online10
  10. 25 million Millennials will use Instagram every day, compared to 21 million for Snapchat and 19 million for Twitter11
  11. Millennials will watch 1087 hours of streaming video, compared to 426 hours of traditional television12
  12. Millennials will spend on average $1,200 on travel13