2017 Beyond Baby Boomers Survey: The Investable Assets of Tomorrow

Affluent Gen X’ers and Millennials are looking for financial advice, and to prepare for the significant generational wealth transfer from the Baby Boomers in the coming years, we have explored how to better serve the members of these younger generations.

How do we define affluent Gen X’ers & Millennials?

Yes, Gen X’ers and Millennials are different than Baby Boomers, but the affluent members of the younger generations will go through most of the same life stages their parents did.

These common signposts (e.g., marriage, death of a parent) are key moments to connect with younger clients and prospects. The catch for an advisor? Advisors must increase their level of tech savviness, social media presence, and knowledge of investment themes that resonate with these generations.

To find out more about how an advisor could increase his/her profile in the eyes of affluent Gen X’ers and Millennials, please read through the 2017 Beyond Baby Boomers Survey–The Investable Assets of Tomorrow report.