Global X ETFs & SoFi Invest: Q1 2020 Investor Survey

This past December, we surveyed investors at an interesting point in time: Unemployment near multi-decade lows, with stocks at or near all-time highs. Meanwhile, concern over COVID-19 had just barely entered the US public consciousness. Our research captured the psyche of investors just a few short weeks before markets were upended by volatility. While few could have predicted the events that followed, the responses tapped into broader truths that will resonate beyond the Q1 2020 sell-off:

  • Investors generally had a positive outlook on the economy, but were split on how various geopolitical factors (e.g., relations with China, 2020 elections) could influence their portfolio
  • Investors indicated a likelihood to continue adding stock exposures, particularly US Large Cap and Technology Sector stocks
  • Despite optimism towards the economy and markets, investors were less bullish on their personal financial situations, including wage increases and ability to pay off debt
  • Responses suggested a potential overconfidence, particularly among newer investors, likely fueled by strong market returns in the preceding quarters. This takeaway looks prescient in hindsight and supports the need for further financial education as many investors experience their first bear market
  • Familiarity with ETFs was low, furthering the case for greater financial education

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