The Affluent Investor Perspective on Disruptive Technologies

In our 3rd annual survey of affluent investors, we explore how affluent investors use cutting edge technology in their lives each and every day. Yet investment portfolio exposure to these technologies tends to lag behind. How can investors better capture the growth potential we’re seeing in disruptive tech? Let this survey and analysis of affluent investors illustrate what your clients want and how you can help achieve those outcomes.

Source: ORC survey results Q2 2018, commissioned by Global X Management Company

We surveyed 1,001 affluent investors* to get their perspective on tech and investing today, tomorrow and in the years to come.  What did we find out?

First, those who have a financial advisor (FA) are using technology more often in their daily lives than in their portfolios. Additionally, tech use is expected to grow in the next year in areas like mobile banking, smart home devices and smart energy. Also, affluent investors currently view renewable energy and artificial intelligence as being the tech trends presenting the greatest degree of investment opportunity, followed by Internet of Things and e-commerce. Last, retention of affluent clients over the next 12 months is at risk across all levels of net worth we surveyed, but the grand majority of affluent investors expect to either keep their FA-managed assets at the same percentage or increase that percentage over the next 3-5 years. An opportunity exists to retain current clients as well as to recruit wealthy prospects.

Check out the full results of the survey for more findings on:

  • Affluent investors’ use of disruptive technology and how that is expected to grow over the next year
  • Which technology trends affluent investors believe will be the biggest investment opportunities
  • How much affluent investors use social media for information on the markets and investing
  • Which segments of affluent investors are most likely to be looking for a new financial advisor in the next 12 months