Global X ETFs Survey: Electric Vehicles and the Everyday Consumer

Nov 22, 2022

In November 2022, Global X Research surveyed 321 individuals in the United States regarding their history with and interest in electric vehicles (EVs). The purpose of the survey was to gauge the state of EV adoption among everyday consumers and understand their views on global implications of EVs. Topics ranged from familiarity with EV incentives to the necessity of government-level investments into furthering the EV industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Of the 321 individuals surveyed, nearly 75% of surveyed individuals are interested in purchasing or have purchased an EV.
  • Over half of respondents know someone with an EV, 35% of whom have previous or current ownership of an EV.
  • When asked to rank multiple positive attributes of EVs, 38% of respondents ranked EVs being a cheaper charging alternative to fuel for gasoline-powered vehicles as the most encouraging reason to buy an EV.
  • The top two charging options respondents look for are the ability to charge where they live and free public charging.
  • 60% of surveyed consumers feel the purchase price of EVs is the greatest drawback to purchasing/leasing an EV.
  • Nearly 50% of respondents have no knowledge of many of the popular EV incentives which currently exist.
  • Almost 70% of respondents feel that the issue of climate change is at least somewhat important to them, while two-thirds of respondents think over 10% of Americans ride public transportation for environmental reasons.
  • Over 50% of surveyed individuals agree or strongly agree widespread EV use will help the state of climate/air pollution.
  • Half of respondents favor more time/resources spent towards EVs from the manufacturer side.
  • Over half of respondents believe there should be more government involvement in progressing the EV industry.

Click here to download the Global X ETFs Survey on Electric Vehicles and the Everyday Consumer.