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Michelle Cluver

Michelle Cluver

Michelle joined Global X in 2018 and has been instrumental in establishing the operations and processes for the ETF model portfolio business. She works closely with Jon Maier on the construction and management of the ETF model portfolios while overseeing the broader team that is involved in the management of the model portfolios. Previously, Michelle worked at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in its ETF model portfolio business. Prior to Merrill, Michelle worked for a boutique asset management firm, with a focus on both South African and developed market equities. Michelle has authored papers on portfolio management with a focus on thematic and income focused investing. She also writes about a broad range of economic topics. Michelle holds a Master’s in International Finance from the Amsterdam Business School and is a CFA Charterholder.

Labor Market Disruption

Rapid economic recovery coming out of the pandemic created distortions in the labor market – raising questions about economic growth and the ... By Michelle Cluver, CFA

Sector Views: The State of the U.S. Consumer

Inflation and rising interest rates create an uphill journey for the consumer and the economy. U.S. real disposable income has been declining ... By Jon Maier; Michelle Cluver, CFA

Making Sense of the VIX

Do the current low levels of the VIX Index create a disconnect between volatility expectations and the market reality? By Michelle Cluver, CFA

Brexit: What to Make of It All

The United Kingdom’s complicated divorce from the European Union continues. The following summarizes where Brexit stands and potential political and economic ramifications. ... By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver, CFA

The Costs of the Government Shutdown

We may be in uncharted territory here, with no precedent for a shutdown measured in months and no party willing to negotiate. By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver

Q4 and FY 2018 Market Update

2018 started with market exuberance and ended in fear. In this report we look at what drove the market during Q4 and ... By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver

Q3 Market Update

Who’s concerned about a trade war anyway? That seems to be the U.S. equity market’s take following a robust third quarter. By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver

Where Preferreds Fit in Your Portfolio

Yield potential made preferred shares something of a trendy investment; however, with interest rates rising, where should they fit in a portfolio? By Jon Maier

Q&A on the Upcoming GICS Changes

A shakeup in the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is set to have far-reaching implications for portfolio management. By Jon Maier

Q2 Market Update

The first half of 2018 had plenty of drama, without much in terms of absolute returns. By Jon Maier

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