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RNRG: The Case for Renewable Energy

The Global X Renewable Energy Producers ETF (RNRG) tracks the Indxx Renewable Energy Producers Index and provides efficient access to dozens of ... By Alec Lucas

Japan’s Robot Dominance

Beginning in the 1960’s, the rise of manufacturing for the automotive industry and the concomitant rise of industrial robots played an indispensable ... By Dillon Jaghory

The Case for Tail Risk ETFs

On August 26th, 2021, we listed the Global X Nasdaq 100 Tail Risk ETF (QTR) on the Nasdaq stock exchange and the ... By Rohan Reddy

Key Themes for the New Normal Economy

Thematic investments that target specific areas that could thrive in New Normal Economy may be well-positioned for multi-year growth. By Jay Jacobs, Morgane Delledonne & Pedro Palandrani

Uranium Market Primed for Growth

The case for uranium today is perhaps the strongest it’s been in a decade. See why we think uranium is primed for ... By Rohan Reddy

Global X 2021 Outlook

In our 2021 outlook, we explore potential catalysts that could propel markets forward. By Global X Team

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