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Sector Views: The State of the U.S. Consumer

Inflation and rising interest rates create an uphill journey for the consumer and the economy. U.S. real disposable income has been declining ... By Jon Maier; Michelle Cluver, CFA

Q1 2022 Review & Outlook

2022 is off to a rocky start with inflation, economic growth and the trajectory for higher policy interest rates remaining center stage. ... By Jon Maier; Michelle Cluver, CFA

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Food Inflation, Energy Costs Spike With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine into its second week, the economic fallout is ... By Jon Maier; David Beniaminov

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

On Thursday morning Ukraine time (+7 hours from NY), Russia launched a full-scale attack on Ukraine. Assisted by neighboring Belarus, Russia launched ... By Jon Maier; Michelle Cluver, CFA

Q4 2021 Review and Outlook

2021 was a strong year for U.S. equity markets. The S&P 500 Index returned +11.0% in Q4, bringing its 2021 return to ... By Jon Maier; Michelle Cluver, CFA

Q3 2021 Review and Outlook

The U.S. economy rebounded sharply in the first six months of 2021, but economic expectations for the second half were revised down ... By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver, CFA

Current Sector Views and May 2021 Recap

Is inflation permanent, transitory, or some combo thereof? Should investors be preparing for a short-term increase in inflation or are higher inflation ... By Jon Maier; Michelle Cluver, CFA

Global X 2021 Outlook

In our 2021 outlook, we explore potential catalysts that could propel markets forward. By Global X Team

Whitepaper on Equity Income Investing

This whitepaper explores different ways to find yield and provides suggestions on how to balance risks when seeking such yield instruments. By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver, CFA and Rohan Reddy

ETF Model Portfolios: Why Now?

Advisory practices modernizing for the 21st century are increasing use of ETFs and ETF model portfolios. Here's why we expect that to ... By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver, CFA and Frank Van Dyke

Snap Chart – Is the Market in a Food Coma?

It seems like nothing can move the market in any meaningful direction these days. Volatility has remained low despite continued global concerns. By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver, CFA and Frank Van Dyke

Q4 Review and Outlook: Have the Clouds Lifted?

2019 was a whirlwind of a year, epitomized by shifting clouds of uncertainty. Unfortunately, this is likely to remain front and center ... By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver, CFA and Frank Van Dyke

Global X 2020 Outlook

In our 2020 outlook, we explore potential catalysts that could propel markets forward. By Global X Team

Making Sense of the VIX

Do the current low levels of the VIX Index create a disconnect between volatility expectations and the market reality? By Michelle Cluver, CFA

Brexit: What to Make of It All

The United Kingdom’s complicated divorce from the European Union continues. The following summarizes where Brexit stands and potential political and economic ramifications. ... By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver, CFA

The Costs of the Government Shutdown

We may be in uncharted territory here, with no precedent for a shutdown measured in months and no party willing to negotiate. By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver

Q4 and FY 2018 Market Update

2018 started with market exuberance and ended in fear. In this report we look at what drove the market during Q4 and ... By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver

Q3 Market Update

Who’s concerned about a trade war anyway? That seems to be the U.S. equity market’s take following a robust third quarter. By Jon Maier, Michelle Cluver

Q&A on the Upcoming GICS Changes

A shakeup in the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is set to have far-reaching implications for portfolio management. By Jon Maier

Q2 Market Update

The first half of 2018 had plenty of drama, without much in terms of absolute returns. By Jon Maier

Q2 Overview: Where are We Now?

The era of easy money fueled by central bank intervention has investors searching for clues about where the market is in this ... By Jon Maier

How Did the Markets Do in 2017?

Though it is tempting to only look forward, I find it is important to to incorporate the learnings from what happened in ... By Jon Maier

Where Might the Markets Go in 2018?

In 2018 (and beyond), we believe the disruption of traditional equity sectors is positioned to be a common denominator across the markets. By Jon Maier

CIO Insights: The Push and Pull of Politics

Heightened geopolitical tensions globally, specifically those related to North Korea, have grabbed the market's attention recently. By Jon Maier; Jay Jacobs, CFA; Rohan Reddy

Passive’s Not Passive

Some say passive investing means doing nothing. It's not. Technically, you’ve still actively decided to do something in doing nothing. By Jon Maier

What the Bond Markets are Telling Us

The bond market can provide valuable insights into where the equity markets may be more broadly headed. With credit spreads remaining historically ... By Jon Maier; Jay Jacobs, CFA; Rohan Reddy

Chart: Which Risks Have Been Rewarded?

In this chart, we seek to compare how credit, duration, and equity risks are being rewarded today versus their longer term averages. By Global X Research Team

ETFs & Tax Efficiency

Compared to mutual funds, ETFs tend to be more tax efficient because they have a unique method of conducting transactions that provides ... By Global X Research Team

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