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Quarterly Uranium Report: Q4 2022

The most recent Quarterly Uranium Report can be found here, offering insights on nuclear and uranium news, performance of the Global X ... By Rohan Reddy

Uranium Quarterly Report – Q3 2022

The Q3 Uranium Quarterly Report can be found here, offering insights on nuclear and uranium news, performance of the Global X Uranium ... By Rohan Reddy

Uranium, Explained

Nuclear power is a clean, efficient, and essential source of electricity used to meet the world’s growing energy demands. Nuclear power can ... By Rohan Reddy

Silver, Explained

Silver often flies under the radar of its metal counterpart, gold, but silver has unique properties that make it attractive as both ... By Rohan Reddy

China Sector Analysis: Materials

Due to the massive size and growth of China’s economy, the country ranks near the top for production and consumption of many ... By Global X Research Team

What’s Driving Copper’s Rally?

Copper prices are positively correlated to inflation, and the metal is historically one of the best performing assets during inflationary periods. By Rohan Reddy

Uranium Market Primed for Growth

The case for uranium today is perhaps the strongest it’s been in a decade. See why we think uranium is primed for ... By Rohan Reddy

Gold, Explained

Gold often comes into the limelight when there is heightened geopolitical risk or market volatility. Yet the gold market and the various ... By Rohan Reddy

Copper, Explained

Renewable energy, electric vehicles, and infrastructure have brought copper back into focus. Here, we answer 6 questions about the copper market. By Global X Research Team

Why Copper is an Infrastructure Play

Some may be surprised to see that copper has been the best performer among the base metals since November 8th. See why ... By Global X Research Team

Commodities and Emerging Markets Take Off

Over the last four months, commodities have experienced their most significant rally since the end of 2011. Many major commodities are up ... By Global X Research Team

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